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Noise Marine squad
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Maestro

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Noise Marine squad

Noise Marine squad

This is a squad of Noise Marines from my Emperors Children army. This army is currently for sale on E-bay!

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John Thompson

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#186589 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2006
Have to comment on these guys, saw them in WD like so many others and finally decided to add pink into my Slaanesh force and go pure Emperors Children. (Mind you losing all my models soon after kept me back a few years ) Never was a fan of purple or bright pink, but this warm almost magenta shade just blew me away, stunning. Looking around it seems to have inspired a good few more folks than merely myself as well!
#184982 Rating: 10 10 Jul 2006
I also remember seeing these in the Dwarf, and are one of my favouritest featured armies EVER!!! I frequently look back at that issue for these miniatures alone! You sir have inspired me to build an EC army (thats when I finish my loyalist marines company- they are called the Emperors vengeance and their background is they are Emperors children who remained loyal to the emperor!) The fact that your whole army is painted to this standard demands my respect!
#175713 Rating: 9 24 Apr 2006
I remember seeing these in WD - they are excellent! I especially love the aspiring champions. So cool, I love the atmosphere created by the conversions!
#139962 Rating: 9 7 Jul 2005
These are the best EC's I have seen. I hate EC marines.
#139507 Rating: 9 4 Jul 2005
Damn this unit looks great. Even my Nurgly bits are gettin warm and fuzzy. Well done, love the guy with the mow hawk!






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