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28mm UK Royal Marine sculpt
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Misc

by petethemighty

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28mm UK Royal Marine sculpt

28mm UK Royal Marine sculpt

Here is my latest 28mm sculpt, for a new project at Sacred Blade Miniatures called "Reality of War".
One of my main sources of inspiration for the sculpting, was the high level of detail/realism that Tom Meier achieves in his work at this small scale. As such I have tried to keep all the proportions and gear as accurate as possible. I thought the ultra close up would be cool, as I liked how the details and face came out (Please remember that this guy is true 28mm scale )
This is the first finished one, though there are others to join his regiment on the sculpting table at the moment. Anyway, hope you like it, and check out the website for more cool minis!. Any comments are appreciated - Pete

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#223991 Rating: 10 14 May 2007
Haha, this makes my 28mm brits look like crap
#201943 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2006
I couldn't even dream of achieveing such detail at any scale, let alone 28mm! Simply perfect. An absolutely fantastic sculpt... bravo.
#162653 Rating: 10 8 Jan 2006
This is more detailed than most 54mm sculpts!
#144209 Rating: 10 10 Aug 2005
Remarkable work Pete. Kudos my friend!
#144190 Rating: 10 10 Aug 2005
man this is really great!!! - i love tom meier´s realism and you have achieved the same thing. really great - greetings edgarS.
#143849 Rating: 10 8 Aug 2005
Pete, it is a high qualiy work, as you say 28mm details Zetork
#142405 Rating: 10 28 Jul 2005
Sculpt??? Looks like you've kidnapped a soldier and painted him green!
#141519 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2005
i dont like the style..but your technic is absolutely have improved it.. incredible mate.. i think all those details are superb, and 28mm?? some proffesionals sculptors where i am working they were so surprised.. the details make it a master is near perfection.. and it is so proportioned.. oooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa
#141490 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2005
OMG Simply outstanding work........... I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of those....... I like the SA80 in particular. The new extended barrel which enables troops to fire around corners is also a must for any Royal Marine Commando . 10/10 Andy
#141385 Rating: 10 20 Jul 2005
Amazing work! This really does look like Harrison Ford (I don't know if that was your intention, but it does mean that his face is realistic)! The expression is excellent; he's focused and looking ahead, like a soldier should be, if he wants to continue being a living soldier. I still can't believe this is 28mm; the detail is phenominal. I will definitely buy some more of your minis when your third wave is released. I also look forward to reading what you wrote about your company in Harbinger 19; it better be good, though, as that is the reason I bought it! lol -James






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