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Eldar Howling Banshees Exarch
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Dazzler


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Eldar Howling Banshees Exarch

Eldar Howling Banshees Exarch

This was my entry to ChickChallange IV. I tried to go for a lava/volcanic look on the base. Judge the result fore your selves

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Viewer comments:
#200848 Rating: 8 26 Oct 2006
Very very nice and the base is in the same spirit as the mini itself so 8 Good painting aigain
#174402 Rating: 6 13 Apr 2006
too uniform ... think about the model. If you really want to pull off the lava effect, then not only do you need to make the lava "glow" but you also have to show that warm red light source affecting the parts of the model it hits (the lower parts , under arms, under edges of armor, legs, weapons) ... and you can't do that when the entire model is RED (ok, varying hues of red) ... I would do another version of this model with the armor's true color as a cool color (pale blue, white, etc) ... so that you can really make the lava seem real... by adding reddish highlights on the undersides of the model that would be hit by the lava's glow.
#161483 Rating: 7 30 Dec 2005
I give u a 7 rather then a 8,9 or 10 because your coler schem is dull. If u used a white for the armor a graysh purple for the under armor a redish oarange for the hair and so on coulers that contrast the base of you figure you would get a 10 but don't change the blades on the glave the red hot look is nice. Oh and will you please write a tutoreal with pics on how you did your base it looks very relistic better then the current tutoreal wich dosent have valcanic looking rocks like yours does.
#141233 Rating: 8 19 Jul 2005
The base is pretty good... the rock really looks like Lava rock. But, the problem with the lava is it doesn't look like it's glowing. Lava = teh glowy. Fix that, and you got yourself a 9 from me.






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