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Ultra Marine Landraider
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Majk

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Ultra Marine Landraider

Ultra Marine Landraider

My first post! This is my contribution for a painting contest held at the "Utopia" store in Malmo, Sweden, summer 2005.

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#179679 Rating: 9 25 May 2006
@Deucalion S - As the Ultramarines are strict adherents to the Codex (Seeing as their primarch wrote them!!) Techmarines wear red armour with chapter markings on the left shoulder. In the same way, Chaplains are black, medics are white and librarians are blue.
#154151 Rating: 9 24 Oct 2005
amazing work! I will give you a 10 if you painted the angel/something equally amazing on the other side! lets see it!
#149971 Rating: 10 21 Sep 2005
the angel just killed me!!!
#149579 Rating: 9 19 Sep 2005
Great freehand - I'm sure this model is just awesome.
#145429 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2005
Believe me, if I could vote higher, I would! This is just a super excelent, amazing etc, too many words to discribe it! Just out of interest, how many Golden Demons, Slayer Swords, and other competitions have you won with that model!
#143268 Rating: 10 3 Aug 2005
That is like an 11
#142441 Rating: 9 29 Jul 2005
the freehand give this Land Raider a absolutly fantastic look. nice work
#142419 Rating: 9 29 Jul 2005
Howdy - Very nice - (Still a fan of mar-win's but that is probably cause I know him - lol) Still voted higher on yours than I normally do!!! Freehand. That is what does it for me on this one. peace
#142320 Rating: 10 28 Jul 2005
Welcome to CMON!!!! I love your "ultra-angel" freehand.Only one cuestion,why the space marine is red if it´s a ultramarine land raider??? ,anyway GREAT WORK!
#142120 Rating: 10 26 Jul 2005
hmm, some of the comment dissapeared? :S well, let's sumarize it: Lovely freehand, you should've won that contest even if it would mean that I would've dropped to third place






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