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Lord of Nurgle
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by SJB

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Lord of Nurgle

Lord of Nurgle

This was an entry of mine at the UK Golden Demons. It won a silver in Fantasy Monster. I hope you like it.

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#15555 Rating: 10 5 Oct 2002
I want to get one thing straight here: WHAT brings this mini down from a 10? It is one of the best minis I've ever seen... "Well, it doesn't have NMM" - WHO CARES!? IF the metal is done as well as this, why do you need NMM? NMM belongs to cartoons, and miniatures that should look like cartoon characters (Confrontation anyone?) If you want a mini to look really realistic, you don't do NMM. That's my 0,04 $ (I thought this was worth more than 2 cents...) lol.
#15450 Rating: 9 4 Oct 2002
Really swell...
#15442 Rating: 8 4 Oct 2002
Wow i never seen such a beautifull small mina..äää..???..ah..MONSTER ooh monster hmmm maybe it will grow up it will became an "golden" demon
#15434 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2002
just excellent! The whole model is wonderfully done. great job!
#15374 Rating: 10 3 Oct 2002
Matt.. to answer your question.. the first place gold winner in this cat..Won the overall Slayer Sword at this years UK Golden Demons.. this piece like all the winners this year were some of the best painted minis Ive ever seen..It was a very humbling experience to see them first hand.. This was one of the MANY beautiful pieces of artwork there.
#15368 Rating: 9 3 Oct 2002
Congratulations !! Amazing paintjob, great freehandwork on the shield
#15086 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2002
Steve, the gold winner must have been amazing to beat this one. Great job!
#15073 Rating: 10 30 Sep 2002
Excellent work in every aspect. The conversion, freehand work, blending and base, all work together to make this a truly stunning mini. Very inspiring. Thanks for posting him
#15042 Rating: 9 30 Sep 2002
it did? well, congrats... an excellent miniature! great blending, good freehands, good conversion work and the base adds to this, too! really really well done!
#15041 Rating: 10 30 Sep 2002
Wow! This didn't win the Gold? Great work and well done on the silver.






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