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Urban War Jin Roh trooper
Manufacturer: Urban Mammoth
Category: SF

by Holger Schmidt

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Urban War Jin Roh trooper

Urban War Jin Roh trooper

This Urban War miniature from Urban Mammoth reminded me a lot of the troopers of the Jin Roh anime so I had to place it in a sewer. The other reason I did it was because I grew tired of all the miniatures standing on higher ground (rocks) and wanted to do something different (although I use the higher ground as well).
More pictures on my website. Comments are welcome.

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Viewer comments:
#170663 Rating: 10 9 Mar 2006
Absolute class. Makes me smile
#167581 Rating: 10 14 Feb 2006
Amazing paint job ! The MNN is flawless and the idea of the base is cool as well ! Trevor, if want to save even more time, just paint the heads & shoulders of your minis and let only this part coming out of the water ; )
#144255 Rating: 8 11 Aug 2005
good paint job.. water dont look so realistic.. is like a toy..but the mini itself it is so well paintd.. i like the idea.. good
#144051 Rating: 9 9 Aug 2005
Excellent! I love that anime! Great conversion and the painting is top notch!
#144030 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2005
Genius! You have solved my slow painting problem, paint half the mini!!! Seriously, nice mini
#144010 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2005
Holger du bist der Beste, die Idee mit der Base ist einfach toll, mach weiter so. Respekt!!!!!!!
#143680 Rating: 10 6 Aug 2005
Spitzending. Die Idee ist super und die Ausführung assrein. Schlicht aber perfekt und vor allem nicht zu bunt. Obwohl, hey, da ist bestimmt noch Platz auf der Mini, wo ein vollkommen überflüssiges "Seht her ich kann's"-Freehand hin gemußt hätte, um en vogue zu sein ;-). Bis denn Dirk
#143556 Rating: 9 5 Aug 2005
For whatever reason, I've seen this guy everyother pic for the last day, and I figure it'll stop once I comment. Anyways, It's an awesome paint job, with a pretty cool theme. The base is very unusual, which in my words means very good. A nicely done mini.
#143469 Rating: 9 5 Aug 2005
Very good idea!! the result of the water makes a dinamic mini
#143429 Rating: 10 5 Aug 2005
amazing, the colourschoices is perfect and base ic very climatic, strong 9,5






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