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Zygore Lizard Man
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Fantasy

by zygore

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Zygore Lizard Man

Zygore Lizard Man

A few more images of the lizard man, it is 28mm.

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#209403 Rating: 10 4 Jan 2007
This is just a incredibly sculpture. The lizardman looks real. Very, very good! Nice pose, finish, and perfect execution.
#159757 Rating: 9 15 Dec 2005
I think this is fantastic. I totally agree with yoy Zygore that scales on a 28mm lizard look like marshmallows. I don't think its fair to judge a green poorly for not being painted. I don't judge a paint job poorly for beinf done on a rubbish model, so why would it work vice versa?
#149451 Rating: 10 18 Sep 2005
damn... this is a lizard
#148876 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2005
One of the best Lizardman works i have ever seen. Hope to get one of them in the future. Nice work. Hope to see more from these from you.
#147747 Rating: 10 7 Sep 2005
Granted, the idea might've come from someone else's illustration, but when I saw this mini in the flesh, I was gobsmacked, and that was before a flaw had been fixed. Only gobsmackers get a 10 out of me. I don't remember who I am quoting here, but; this is coolminiornot, not coolpaintjobornot. And this is one damn cool mini.
#145112 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2005
Castigator its not about the art its about the sculpting..and especially when its made so well..rating such a master piece so low is just being anal and childish..dont let this get you down Zygore its amazing..nuff said mick
#145058 18 Aug 2005
Oooo quite a touchy one aren’t we. Firstly the sculpt was a commission, for a collector that does intend to paint the green (his problem not mine), and no it is not being cast (it is for personal use) and if the sculpt is for his personal gratification and will sit on a shelf, I hope he likes the work I did. Secondly if people like my skill at sculpting, thanks to them. If they like my interpretation of the two dimensional artwork to three dimensions, thanks again. If people can appreciate a sculpture for what it is and not just the paint job then thanks to them. (I hope the praises for the “oh-so-creative Lizardman” was for the sculpting and execution) Yes thanks to whoever created this magnificent artwork, they deserve the praise I wish I knew who you are (sorry I had to change a few things, I hope you approve of them) And thank you for noticing that I try to be as accurate as I can to the concept art. (I’m sure that most recognized it, well those who have played D&D or have had an interest.) I personally don’t believe that greens should be painted to be shown here, just my opinion.
#145042 Rating: 5 18 Aug 2005
#145039 Rating: 5 18 Aug 2005
A - The Idea is a clearly stolen from WoTC Poison Shadow Lizardfolk Illustration in the D&D Monster Manual III. At least GW did try to come up with something a bit unique. B - Greens are all nice and good, but several other people who posted their sculpts here also spend the time putting a bit of paint on it to showcase it. Unpainted Greens just don't deserve anthing higher that 6 or 7 IMO. Otherwise, decent work.
#144948 Rating: 6 17 Aug 2005
great !!!!!!!!!!






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