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Ghorghor Bey
Manufacturer: Ilyad Games
Category: Fantasy

by DragonPaint

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Ghorghor Bey

Ghorghor Bey


I have received the miniature from Green Stuff (Thanks Cédric!) for the Miniature Exchange #4 and I was initially scared by the size (about 12x14cm or 4.7x5.5 inches)
Then I have accepted the challenge and carefully painted it adding an adequate display base.
Some time ago I have added a WIP to my gallery with a description of the colors used to paint the face, here's a copy.

If you are interested about the colors I have used for the face here's a little guide:
Black primer, basecoat using Vallejo Model Color Mahogany Brown (846) then I have started the highlights mixing in a bit of Vallejo Game Color Dwarf Skin (41).
After three passes (60/40, 40/60 and 10/90%) I have washed all the area using GW Flesh wash diluited with water (1/5) to smooth the transactions.
Then I have started adding the lights using Vallejo Game Color Sunny Skintone (845) mixed with GW Flesh wash.
I think I have painted 4 or 5 passes increasing the Sunny Skintone and smoothing with a mix of 1 part of Sunny Skintone, 1 part of Flesh wash and 10 parts of waters if the transaction was too hard.

The eyes have a white basecoat with Vallejo Red (926) iris and black pupil with a point of white for the light.

Teeths: basecoat with Andrea Colors Japanese Khaki (you can use Vallejo Game Color Japanese Uniform WWII (923) or GW Bubonic Brown) and highlight adding Vallejo Model Color Buff (976) (3 passes).
Final highlight using White.

Tongue: Vallejo Model Color Red (926), highlight using Vallejo Model Color Amarantha Red (829) and final highlight adding a bit of White.
Then I have glazed everythig using Tamiya Clead Red.

For the rings, first pass using Vallejo Game color Brass (801) mixed with a bit of black, then pure Brass and then Vallejo Gold (996)

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Viewer comments:
#145586 Rating: 10 24 Aug 2005
great job!!!....gran bel pezzo!, grande composizione! un passo avanti nel tuo stile di pittura un lavoro veramente notevole complimenti per l'evoluzione
#145551 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2005
I am a huge fan of this huige mini. You did an incredible job on it. I love your skin tones and I will most definetly be trying it out. How did you do the motifs on the archway? ~ Jeremy
#145529 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2005
incredible! great metallics, wonderful color scheme and the face is simply perfect! and the base fits the mini in a great way! Bravo Paolo, un altro capolavoro!
#145503 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2005
Fantastic work, dear Paolo! I love the model, and what you did with it is just outstanding. It is so nice to see, how you've improved more and more over the years. Really makes me wanna get out my Ghorghor Bey (which I of course have too ;-) ) and paint it up. Well, keep up the great work, my friend!
#145470 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2005
Grande, Paolo! hai reso benissimo l'atmosfera "picaresca" del pezzo, i metalli sono straordinari e il viso molto espressivo, mi piace moltissimo! Great great work!!!
#145450 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2005
Wow, what incredible work of art....! O_O A M A Z I N G ! ! ! I love itl..... this is my favourite work of yours and one of the most beautiful work of the world!!!
#145441 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2005
I have only one word for such art Paolo : AWESOME !!! Great painting, and great base .
#145437 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2005
very inspired work Paolo! good painting work and perfect colour choise. gran bel pezzo
#145418 Rating: 8 22 Aug 2005
Non mais 6 !!! Je crois que cette figurine mérite au moins 8 ! Du très bon boulot, même s'il manque un peu de sang






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