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The Demon of Rage
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Category: Fantasy

by Sophia

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The Demon of Rage

The Demon of Rage

The demon of Rage is scratch-built from plastic card, metal wire, Super Sculpey and green epoxy putty. This miniature took about three weeks to sculpt and stands about 16 cm. It's wings span 15 cm.

This Demon of Rage was painted with mainly Vallejo colors, and Vallejo peint retarder for blending.

The main challenge was to create a directional light source from the fire on the weapon, and from the column of fire. This took alot of tedious wet-blending to get it smooth. I also had light catch the tops of the wings, and a few other areas I considered to be illuminated. I am satisfied that the final effect is dramatic, without being too intense.

I am posting up two different angles of the "greens" and the painted miniature. I simply can not fit everything I need into one picture, and I am sorry if this upsets anyone.

Thanks to my coolmini friends, and to everyone who votes and comments. Thanks to the coolmini mods, and to everyone who buys a Demon of Rage resin kit... or two.

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Viewer comments:
#258717 Rating: 10 15 May 2008
Your work is truly astounding.
#221498 Rating: 10 16 Apr 2007
That is bloody scary work... Immaculate! :o
#149427 Rating: 9 18 Sep 2005
cool sculpt and nice painting
#146144 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2005
great job!........very beautiful!
#145976 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2005
one of the absolute mini i've ever seen. "God" work
#145856 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2005
The painting is awesome!! Looks like the deomon really moves in fires of hell... brilliant wet blended fire effects and NMM, congrats for the resin copy, the mini is full of character.
#145826 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2005
OMG this is incredible! super smooth blending, awsome fire effect..WOOOW
#145801 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2005
WOW! er... WOW! That NMM looks amazing, er... WOW! So thats 10 for the sculpt and 10 for the paint job. Hey mods! Where's the 20 score buttton?
#145761 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2005
#145759 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2005
I appreciate the explanation of duplicate post of the same image nice touch, Tis is wonderful how proud you should be and I am hoping it brings you wealth as well.






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