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Resculpted GW Succubus
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by petethemighty

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Resculpted GW Succubus

Resculpted GW Succubus

This figure was going to be my Golden Demon U.K entry this year, but after a 3 and a
half hour drive down to Birmingham they told me I was too late for submissions..... : (
Anyway, hopefully you guys will enjoy this figure. First off if you look at the bottom of
the montage of pics, you will see all the resculpted parts. The figure was originally a
dark elf witch elf, but I felt she was so well sculpted that she deserved a better position.
I sculpted all the armour and extras with green stuff, and the sword was sculpted over
a piece of wire. This is only my third attempt at sculpting so let me know what you think.
Also for the armour I tried to imitate reflections from buildings in the distance on the
armour rather than just a wavy line like most do. It took a while as all the buildings are
the same shape in each armour plate (plus the light source is at the same point on each
plate and is carried through to the gems). Unfortunately I couldn't get a good shot of
the loincloth as it has a scene with the moon coming through the clouds at the top, and
a dark eldar torso painted at the bottom with crossed arms holding swords. You can
see some of it, but it is much better in real life. If anyone would like better pics, email me and I will send you a couple. Anyway comments are always much appreciated, and
thankyou to all those who commented on my Boromir figure : )

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Viewer comments:
#393873 Rating: 10 1 Apr 2013
Really amazing work, and i love those armour effect. Great work. Probably the best Dark Eldar i´ve seen
#187238 Rating: 9 27 Jul 2006
This blows away the whole range of Warhammer 40K dark elves miniatures (not that that would be difficult but...). Very cool NMM.
#167848 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2006
Love it. superb conversion + urban SENMM = 10
#136953 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2005
as always im amazed by petes NMM effects... but this 1 is the best (really hard to say when you seen the divine spirit) there are so many small details the eye is rolling back and forth from.. i especially like the small face on the clothing
#132407 Rating: 10 8 May 2005
#122998 Rating: 9 18 Feb 2005
Very dark painting well done
#112821 Rating: 10 3 Dec 2004
Thing that differ a good painting from an art is a vision. And this is truely an art. One of the most creative minis I've seen. Average painting? I won't argue with the previous comment because it's pointless. I'm just happy, that most of the people here have a different point of view. - Michael
#108139 Rating: 7 29 Oct 2004
Nice sculpting, but the painting is rather average.
#105926 Rating: 9 14 Oct 2004
I never imagine purple NMM would render that coool. I dreamt bout it, pete did it! The oxyding part of the weapon is also well executed. 9 but no 10, cos i wish the nmm could be smoother, but who i am to judge you?:p
#96583 Rating: 10 5 Aug 2004
This is what i call a perfect paint job, it is just to beautiful to be! Your colors choice is amazing, so realistic, it's like the natural light just before a big storm, a kind of warm grey! anyway, i can't express what i want to say but it is so pretty! Thanks for sharing with us!






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