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Ragnar(ork) Skulleater
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: SF

by goatman

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Ragnar(ork) Skulleater

Ragnar(ork) Skulleater

first of all, i´m really sorry for the big picture I tried to get it smaller, but the qualityloss was too big this way, i also wanted to avoid posting multiple versions of this mini on the board.

This big guy is or better was my entry for this years german Golden demon. I wanted to do an orcboss in Inquisitorscale for about 3 years now. The first attempt failed badly, so i never thought of trying it again untill now. It was a bit easier then i thought and the main-problem was still the head, but after 3 attempts i had one, which looked pleasing.
The whole mini is about 4.25 inch tall so i guess it is near to Inquisitorscale.

Painted version can be found here: ID 98858

Hope you´ll like the big guy.

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Viewer comments:
#245542 Rating: 10 26 Dec 2007
The definition of ORK! There will never be a better ork sculpt.
#218891 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2007
That Ork looks incredibly mean and badass, the detail is amaizing and the face looks pretty original to me.
#168292 Rating: 6 20 Feb 2006
This thing is alive. A mini like this is the reason I LOVE Orks so much. It is really a very nice frozen-story-at-a-glance. If there were Orks then this conveys what it would be like to run into one in real life. This guy looks mean (not a fan of the "silly" ork stuff) and ready to pound you into a paste. Better yet there's thousands of his buddies that look just like him or much worse!!!! Good work.
#159212 Rating: 10 11 Dec 2005
O.K.! O.K.! You can have your sandwich back! Awesome.
#157330 Rating: 10 25 Nov 2005
tell me, how did u manage so much details on such high level?this is awesome, I havent seen anything like that before...
#149395 Rating: 10 18 Sep 2005
wow is the word...
#147023 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2005
Simply beautiful!
#146863 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
it is amazing that you made all in green stuff with out plastic pieces or metal complements...the cables for example...these things and the quality of the sculpt makes a unic piece.The dinamism of the piece, agresive expresion of the head the great level of definition in details as the injuries are the things that more attract my attention. the best of the cointest in mop
#146848 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
PERFECT! one of the best sculpts that I have seen
#146816 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
Amazing and hard work done on it!! is great to see things like that, keep on!!






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