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Ragnar(ork) Skulleater
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by goatman

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Ragnar(ork) Skulleater

Ragnar(ork) Skulleater

sooo here´s the painted version of my gentle handsome bigguy Ragnar. Sometimes called Ragnarork by his very few friends. I added the grea imperial in the backgrouns for a size comparison. Looks like Ragnar is in no need for chewing when eating skulls.

I really enjoyed painting Ragnar, even if this big scale is not really my taste. Wished i had an airbrush-thingy to go for the big areas. But since i don´t have one i needed to use the good ol´ brush.

The whole thing took about 250+ hours, with 120 for sculpting and 130+ for painting.

If you haven´t already seen it, here is the pic of the sculpt: ID 98857

Hpe you´ll like him

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Viewer comments:
#146320 Rating: 10 30 Aug 2005
Superb. The best 54mm ork I've ever seen. I agree that the aquarium plant needs to be removed though.
#146306 Rating: 10 30 Aug 2005
Yes, still got the impression... this thing is simply awsome... it was my favorite all the time, too bad it hasn´t won the Sword... But okay, GOLD... cool...^_^... I Like the skintone, one of the most "realistic" tones I have esver seen ever... The Freehand on the E-Fist is OVER the TOP... the Plant is okay, too (well, you could use these Andrea Leaves, but they are expensive...)... All in all a very clear 10... I love this work and it deserves a absolutely high rating......
#146298 Rating: 10 30 Aug 2005
One of the best orks i've seen, good details and perfect painting, the plant is a bit of a distraction, but i love how big you've made this guy look, 10 all the way.
#146295 Rating: 10 30 Aug 2005
houuuaaaaaa!!!!it's a realy good work, the sculptwork it's incredible !! the color of skin it's great!! bravo !!
#146226 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2005
but...remove the plastic plant of the floor it is not god.. anyway.. all yur work here it is superb.
#146224 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2005
incredible sculptwork..lovely colours.. perfect true metals (/you should use it more times), and an impresive general effect.. i loved it since i saw near my own mini.. i knew you will win the category.. really really close to the my opinion. great done! congrats again






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