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Golden Demon 2005 Germany 1st place duel
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Peregrinus

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Golden Demon 2005 Germany 1st place duel

Golden Demon 2005 Germany 1st place duel

This was my first entry for the german golden demon and it made the 1st place in the duel cathegorie!!
Sorry for the bad picture quality and also for my english...:o)
The Idea is that a Grey Knight Captain defeats a bloodthirster demon with the help of the Grimoire of true names.
The freehand is inspired by a picture of the italian painter Raphael: Michael defeats the devil...
Hope you like it!

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Viewer comments:
#193581 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2006
sorry brüderle that i vote a year later... perfect idea blabla. i will get a golden demon too at 2007 ;o)
#189384 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2006
Wow! Well done. I like how he's shoving the book down his face before cuting off his head.
#165828 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2006
Wauv. Just Wauv!! (And I would LOVE to see some better pictures)
#147535 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2005
You need a larger clearer pciture to do this piece justice. It is a work of art.
#146520 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2005
so beutiful idea.. great done..well at paintjob, awesome freehand, my respects..
#146505 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2005
This must be very very timeconsuming. I have seen the other pics with closer photos and this pice is amazing.
#146474 31 Aug 2005
First at all tanx for your comments! The translation of the caption is: How could you defeat me? I know your true name.... In the grey knight codex is a grimoire of true names, helping to defeat demons.
#146468 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2005
Excellent!!! Can someone interpret the caption. Awesome conversion.
#146440 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2005
Please! Detailed pictures as soon as you can! Very detailed, nice environment,
#146439 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2005
This is just outsstanding. I am very impressed with the chapel.






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