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Chaos Army
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Chaos Army

Chaos Army

I have been working on and off on this Chaos army from January 2004 to July 2005. A private commissioner encouraged me to reinterpret the Chaos army that won me the Open Competition in 1998. Lots of conversion-work is involved; the trolls which use Ogre Kingdoms gauntlets, Ork jaws, and Chaos Marauder shoulder-pads; the knights' musician which is converted into a drummer using two Chaos Marauder drums; and the chaos hounds which are based on plastic wolves plus bits from the Kroot sprue and various chaos spawn tails and stuff. The chariot, the lord, and the sorcerer are all mixtures of older Chaos models fused with bits from the current range.

WIP pictures showing how the project evolved can be found at my website in the WorkArea section.

Apologies to the modem users for the heavy picture - however, I hope you find it worth waiting for.

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Viewer comments:
#147022 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2005
Beautiful army. I really like the hound conversions.
#146982 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2005
absolutely stunning.....amazing . i always love your works and painting style that i find inspiring.......GREAT
#146930 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
Only thing you can say is ..Wauw
#146901 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
wow!! amazing army of the chaos, ...fantastic job.
#146849 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
just great Jakob, especially like the trolls. allan
#146843 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
Amazing jakob! I love the way you do metals, fits these warriors so well! I'm not sure what to say, i'm just in complete awe! a certain 10! Torstein Ps, how much did you get for it?
#146827 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
what an army!!!. a lot of work... i wouldn't play with it.. i would be afraid of broken it

#146798 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2005
Personally I think this version of the army is better than the original Open winner. The more controlled painting style appeals more. Stunning work through and through.






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