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    very many 40k races have skin showing, except for the Imperial Guard and
    the Orks, but I will show how I paint skin, and also cover the area of
    painting eyes, just incase you might need a hand.
    I start
    painting skin with a base
    colour of Bronzed Flesh over the top of a white undercoat. I will use
    this Pit Fighter as an example.

    the base colour has dried, I then apply a coat of Flesh Wash (what else
    should it be used for?). I make sure that the wash settles in the 'valleys'
    of the muscles, and in the folds of the skin, like the eye area, around
    the nose, mouth and ears. I also make sure that the wash sits alongside
    other objects that lay right next to the skin, such as the shoulder straps,
    and chainmail gloves. Here is what my wash coat ends up looking like.

    the wash has dried completely, I then go back to the Bronzed Flesh and
    paint the first highlight. In the picture below you can see that I have
    left the wash in the appropriate places. So, basically, any area that is
    raised, gets repainted. You can see on the face how I have picked out the
    forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, ears, nose and chin line.

    at this stage that I can start to see the image come alive. The last step
    is one more highlight. For this I use Elf Flesh, for it's lighter tone,
    rather than mixing Skull White into Bronzed Flesh. I have again picked
    out the same places on the model, but with less area, such as the point
    of the nose, the highest point on the cheeks and the lips. I have also
    put some Armour Wash (for it's black tone) in the mouth. As the pigment
    is not as strong as Black Wash, I can still see where the teeth are without
    having to strain my eyes.

    the flesh is now finished I can concentrate on the teeth and eyes. As this
    is a Pit Fighter, I decided to give him metal teeth. So I used Chainmail
    Silver to pick them out. But for normal teeth you might like to use Bleached
    Bone or Skull White. As for the eyes, you really need a steady hand a fine
    pointed brush. Starting with Chaos Black, I fill the eyeball area, trying
    not to get any on the top and bottom eyelids.

    the Chaos Black has dried, I then apply Skull White to the center of the
    black area. I prefer to have the white touching the bottom eyelid, and
    this in turn leaves a black area above. This will help reduce the effect
    of the model looking like it is staring, rather than being angry.

    the last and final trick is to put in the pupils. Using Chaos Black again,
    I apply the paint so that the top and bottom of the dot are touching the
    top and bottom of the eye whites. Again this helps to stop the staring
    appearance as you can see below.

    all in all, he doesn't look too bad. All that needs to be done now is to
    cleanup the surrounding areas where I have got flesh colours on parts that
    I didn't want (you guessed it, I'm not perfect). But I really should start
    drinking less coffee.

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