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  • Painting Gemstones

    Basically painting a gemstone or any glass like or crystal structure on a
    miniature is to recreate the light effects and reflections of the gem stones
    material. As one is not truly able to paint the transparency of glass, the
    painter has to simulate the effect an imaginary light source has on the
    transparent gemstone. A good point to start is to take a look at one of those
    little glass stones often used as counters for collectible card games like
    vampire or magic.

    The glass stone's colors divide into three areas.
    The largest area is the basic color of the stone. In my example I painted a
    green stone, so the basic color is a deep dark green, to simulate the depth of
    the glass stone. As this glass stone gets thinner to it edges the green gets
    lighter to simulate the lesser deepness of the material. In the lower area of
    the gemstone the light of our imagenary light source will gather and lighten up
    the material and the gemstones base. This is our second area. To simulate this
    I paint halfmoon shaped layers of lighter greens onto the lower area. Every
    layer is a bit smaller in shape and lighter in color. I use a wet on dry
    blending to make a transition from the darker green edges to the lightest
    center. Now the gemstone is almost finished. The last thing that is missing,
    and is most important for our gemstone-effect - and area No.3 - is the tiny
    spot that will show on the surface ot the gemstone as reflection from our
    imaginary light source.

    To accomplish this I paint a tiny white spot onto the upper area of the
    gemstone. Right there where the green of the gem is the darkest and deepest.
    This spot can have the shape of a kidney to make the gem's surface look even
    rounder and more raised. Though this may look better on a 2D gem then on a 3D
    miniature. Just experiment a bit with the size and position of the light spot.
    You can paint the gemstone in virtually every color you like. Even in black and
    white if you use only greys and black.

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