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  • Painting faces from black primer

    Colors used in this tutorial

    Step 1- Black primer, eyes and teeth

    Step 2- basecoat of Mahogany Brown

    Step 3- Mix mahogany brown and a bit of flat flesh, thin to semi-transparent and paint all but the deepest recesses, leave a thin brown line near the hair

    Step 4- repeat the previous step with the same thinned color on the highlight points, the two layer of thinned color will add resulting in a lighter color and leaving a shade

    Step 5- add some more flat flesh to the mix, thin down and add a layer to the highlight points

    Step 6- paint the highlight with thinned down flat flesh (not so yellow like the picture, look at the colors ref.)

    Step 7- add some dot of thinned down beige for the final highlight on the cheeks, nose, chin, eyebrows and so on.

    Here's the final picture reduced to 25% to show the effect at the correct size
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