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  • BenCon 2002 Painting Competition

    Here's a brief report on BenCon 2002 painting competition, including some of the pics taken on the day the winners were announced.

    The categories in BenCon painting competition are:
    1. 25mm
    2. SuperSystem
    3. Diorama/Modelling
    4. Confrontation single
    5. Confrontation Large figure
    6. WarGods of Aegyptus
    7. GW- Warhammer Fantasy
    8. GW - 40K
    9. GW-Warmaster
    10. Standard Bearer
    11. Generic
    12. Generic Large Figs

    Next page you can find the pics for the above categories with "winner" markers to let you know which mini is the winner on the category. I got messed up with the 40K, supersystem and generic category coz people was ready to pick up their stuff at that time. Sorry for the small size, but that to avoid slow downloading. Other than that - enjoy!


    Category: 25mm

    Category: Confrontation Single

    Category: Confrontation Large Figure


    Category: Diorama

    Category: GW - Warhammer Fantasy

    Category: Generic, 40K & SuperSystem


    Category: Standard Bearer

    Category: Wargods

    Category: Warmaster

    Category: Generic Large Figs
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