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  • Painting Tyranid Carapace

    Finally here is the tutorial
    on painting Carapace that quite a few of you have been asking for, Enjoy.
    Colors use:
    Feel free to use other colors to make your carapace, or even substitute a whole
    other color range in to make, say… blue Carapace.
    A- Scorched Brown
    (Games Workshop)
    B- Bestial Brown (GW)
    C- Golden Brown (Delta Ceramcoat- the large paints you can get a Michaels
    Craft Stores)
    D- Flesh (Coat d'arms paints)
    E- Oyster White (Delta Ceramcoat)
    F- White (Vallejo Paints)
    -There is no reason I chose
    one manufacture of another, it is just what I had. I did use color "D"
    though because the GW Bleached Bone has too much yellow in it for me.
    -Also for all of these steps
    I use Floating Medium by Plaid (it is a clear blending medium used to thin down
    paints, MUCH better than water). See the little caption at the top of the painting
    steps picture. Color 1 and 2 are the two colors that I am mixing. Color 3 is
    the blending medium that I am mixing in to the two paints that I mixed to keep
    them smooth. This way I can put multiple layers of paint on a miniature without
    getting that chalky paint build up look.

    Step 0- Prime the
    Mini black

    Step 1- Paint Mini with two thin coats of "B". Where the plates
    of the armor join put down small streaks of "A" that have been thinned

    Step 2- Mix colors "B" and "C" (50/50 -Same technique
    as seen in the mixing caption). Lay the paint down in triangular patterns as
    seen in Example 2. They may overlap.

    Step 3- Lay down a thinned "C" in the same triangular pattern.
    Don't take this color up as far as you did in step 2. Also make the "triangles"
    thinner than in step 2 too.

    Step 4- Mix colors "C" and "D" and add the thinning
    medium (again the thinning medium is present in all steps. You should be tinning
    it down to a soupy mix.

    Step 5- Now apply a thinned "D" in smaller triangles than Step
    Step 6- Mix colors "D" and "E" and thin and apply in smaller
    "Triangles" that don't go up as far.

    Step 7- Apply a thinned "E" in very small streaks than maybe
    only go 1/3 of the way up.

    Step 8- Apply a thinned "F" just to the very edge of the armor.

    Step 9- Go take and Aspirin.
    Here are a few examples
    of complete Carapace.

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