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    High Elf Painting Basics
    By: DemonBlademaster(

    I read the other article about painting a High Elf, and found it to be quite good. But, having just finished my painting lessons at the local GW store, and having painted a pretty good High Elf Archer(the same one in the other article) which may still need a few things, but I feel I could help a beginner. Now, on with it...
    (God from Monty Python: "Get on with it!")

    Part 1: Priming

    Attach your Archer(s) to a piece of cardboard(if you are using spray primer). I use a basic piece of a shoebox. Now, prime your figure, using white primer. You could use black primer, but I don't use it personally. I find that any brand works, but I use Painter's Touch, which you could pick up at any hardware store for around $1.99. Spray an even coat over the entire miniature, but not too much so that you fill the details. Let it dry for around an hour, if possible in front of a fan to speed the drying.

    Part 2: Basecoating

    To have a mini like mine, you will need the following Citadel paints: Boltgun Metal, Skull White, Bronzed Flesh, Dark Angels Green, Ultramarines Blue, Blood Red, Chaos Black, Bad Moon Yellow and Snakebite Leather(Basically the entire 40k starter paint set, lol). Also, to finish it(something I'm working on right now) you'll probably need Flesh Wash ink, Elf Flesh, and Fortress Grey. Basecoat the armor-like parts with Chaos Black, Blood Red and Skull White on the appropriate parts of the bow, the belt in Bad Moon Yellow and Dark Angels Green, the helm in Dark Angels Green(the gem), Blood red and Boltgun Metal, the arrows with Chaos Black and Blood Red, the Quiver with Dark Angels Green and Blood Red, Flesh in Bronzed Flesh, the robes with White, the cuffs in Blue, and fianlly, the hair in Snakebite Leather along with the pouch on his back.

    Part 3: Touch-ups

    By now, you're all probably thinking that I'm crazy for painting the armor black on a High Elf, but thats just the basecoat. Take a brush, and drybrush the Boltgun Metal over the black. It should come out looking good. Then, edge the armor with blue(I did that because I don't have purple like on the box). Now heres the stuff I haven't done yet due to a lack of supplies on my part(my money inflow only allowed for a starter paint set with the standard brush and a Fine detail brush). I'm not sure about what to do about the robes, either a wash of Fortress Grey to get in the crevaces, or maybe a drybrush would do better(I'll update this once I get more supplies and finish my figure). Now, use Flesh Wash to get in between the fingers(definetly use a Fine Detail brush for this), and when it dries, drybrush some Elf Flesh over the fingers and the face for highlights. Now, all of this after the armor edging is theoretical, but if I'm right, it should turn out beautifully.

    Part 4: Extras

    Usually, people only paint eyes on big, important figures, like the High Elf mini Prince Imrik, but I didn't. But, do it if you want, and you feel capable. First, paint a little black paint over the whole eye area, then add two white dots on the sides, leaving a little black dot in the center, adding a black dot if needed. I use a toothpick for this, but maybe a Fine Detail brush will work.

    I will update this once I have finished the mini, and upload photos when I have some. Later!!

    UPDATE(7/19/02): Thanks to ZaPhOd for updating me with the correct term for arrow holder, Quiver.
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