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  • How to paint a witch hunter quick

    This article will be about how I painted a witch hunter. I just wrote this because I felt like writing a tutorial After removing flash and mould lines, I stuck the witch hunter to its base. I primed him black and then I touched up any unprimered spots with thinned chaos black.The first step: basecoating all the areas in their darkest shade.I painted the boots bestial brown, all the metal parts boltgun, the belts on his chest scorched brown, his pants and sleeves dark flesh and all the exposed skin dwarf flesh. As black was going to be the darkest shade of the coat, I painted the first highlight stage on there, choas black with a little codex grey mixed in. [pagebreak] Next step: First highlight stages. The skin was washed with a very diluted dark flesh to add shadows (I use diluted paint instead of inks to wash skin, because it doesnt look that shiny and it adds softer shadows then inks) After washing the skin, I highlighted it again with dwarf flesh. His coat got its next highlight by mixing in a little more codex grey in the choas black/codex mix and painting it on on the highest spots of his coat. The metal parts were washed with diluted black ink (on metals inks look good, they give them somekind of oily look). All the other parts just got their fist highlight stage: bestial brown over the schorched brown on the chestbelts, snakebite over the bestial on the boots and scab red over the dark flesh on the pants and sleeves.Next stage:The chainmail was drybrushed with boltgun followed by a drybrush of mithrill on the edges of the chainmail. The sword was highlighted with boltgun followed by a mithrill highlight. The other metal parts were painted at this stage too (chainlink around his waist and beltbuckles boltgun, and some parts of the sword got a beaten copper basecoat) The skin got its next highlight, elf flesh. The other parts were highlighed now too, blood red on pants and sleeves, bubonic on the boots, snakebite on the chest belts. The coat got its final highlightstage, pure codex grey. Also, the hair got its basecoat, scorched brown. [pagebreak]Last stage:
    The hair was highlighted by mixing bleached bone into scorched brown and drybrushing it on(2 steps, drybrush the ligher shades more towards the edges of the hair). Some parts of the sword were highlighted with burnished gold and then washed with thinned brown wash. Pure brown wash was used to outline the skin from the clothes and to outline the golden parts on the sword from the metal parts.To finish it, the mini was based by glueing sand to the base with pva glue. The sand was painted black and drybrushed with codex grey and fortress grey.The finished product:

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