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  • Building a River

    Hi there! Here's another one of my workshops =)

    In this workshop Ill explain how to "build" a river easyly.

    Plywood boards
    Emulsion paint
    Liquid Glue
    Bird sand

    Bevor getting started with modelling, you should arrange the boards in the order, wich the river shall be later. Then you should draw on it the course of the river bed.

    1. Step:
    Mix the brown emulsion paint with the bird sand and water till the pulp has a consistence like priming material. (Careful it mustn’t be too fluid!)
    Now paint the board with the pulp (the layer should about ½ cm)
    After Painting now start modelling the stuff by drawing a furrow where the river bad is supposed to be. Try Modelling an edge, the river bed should be deeper than the rest of the terrain. The ground on the river bank is made by dabbing a brush into the wet pulp…that creates a rough an hilly surface.
    Let it dry for 24 hours at least, this is important!

    Now we start undercoating the piece. Paint the hills with mid brown emulsion paint and the river with mid blue (sure you can vary here a lot, this is just an example)

    Mix a dark Blue with mid blue and black, and paint the deep regions of the river with it!
    Paint a bit of mid blue beside it and create runny transitions by using wet-in-wet technicque.

    Use the same technique for the flat regions of the river, but therefore mix the mid blue with white now! Paint froth by dabbing edges of the river with white emulsion paint) Paint streamlines on the wet river with white emulsion paint , too.
    Then ink the river bank with a dark brown ink, made of emulsion paints mid brown and black mixed with water. When the inks dry, then brush the river bank with ochre brown.
    Let it dry.

    5. Step:
    Now take an old brush and the liquid glue. “Paint” the river with a thin layer of the glue, this gives it a quite realistic “wet-look”. For lakes or ponds just pour the glue into the prepared hole…careful it starts blistering quite quick, so use multiple layers of glue.
    Let it dry overnight.

    This is how ith looks like then:

    Hope it will help you and hope for feedback.

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