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    High Quality trees for low cost
    One of my favourite miniature hobby section is building of terrain and dioramas.
    Unfortunatelly terrain with lots of trees is very expensive, especially if you use the nice looking GW ones (sorry for PR, but I like the GW-tree style).
    So I began to experiment with different solutions of making my own trees, looking exactly as good as the one you can buy. Here is my result:
    Materials needed:
    1. A couple of glass cleaning brushes, which you can get in every super market for less than 1 Euro!
    2. something to glue, i.e. spray glue, wood glue or latexmilk
    3. mikrofoliage in the colour you like best
    4. wrapping/modelling material for the bole, i.e. tape or green stuff
    1. cut off the top and the bottom part of the brush, at the bottom just as much as you want for the length of the bole)
    2. after this you need to retwist the cut ends of the brush with a gripper, to prevent the brush to lose hairs
    3. now cut the brushhairs in the form you want the tree to have
    4. if you want you can spray the brush brown or green like branches
    5. when ready apply the glue and put the brush into the microfoliage
    6. repeat the steps as often till you're content with the result
    7. next step is wrapping the bole with tape or applying green-stuff
    8. the last step is painting the bole in the colour you want
    Voila: a ready to use tree for less than an Euro

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