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    Making a simple showbase Squighoppers always scream out racing to me so I decided to make a little showbase with that theme for a squighopper I recently painted [pagebreak] As you cant have a race without someone to wave the finishflag I took a little snotling with a suitable pose to become the finisher. I am going to use a file, x-acto knife, pin vise, some greenstuff, super glue, clipper, paperclip and the little snotling. With the clipper I cut of the end of his club. Using the pin vise I drilled a little hole in the end where I cut of the club. Next I glued a piece of the paperclip in the hole with some superglue. I covered the pin with greenstuff, after that had set a bit I made some cuts with the x-acto knife to 'model' a little woodgrain. I will make the flag itself later with some foil. [pagebreak] For the base I use a coaster (the thing you can put your drink on). It's nice and round, has the right size and the center is indented. I filled it up with airdrying clay from the arts and craftstore, a lightweight kind that doesnt shrink, they use it to make puppetheads. Using a base of the same size the squighopper is on I made a hole where he will sit later on. Two cocktailsticks became the poles that are going to hold up the finishbanner. Although the clay wasnt suppose to shrink it did a tiny bit leaving a little gap around the edge. I filled in the gap with some PVA glue and then sprayed the hole thing with choas black. [pagebreak]I painted the center of the base where the lane is for the squighopper sandcolor and the sides green. Then I glued sand on the centerlane with PVA glue.Next we need to put the finisher in it's place before glueing on the grass. [pagebreak] For the finish flag I used paper, folded double and with some scotch tape to seal it. Superglued the flag to the flagpole of the little snotling finisher. [pagebreak] Now all that's left to do is glue the grass on both sides of the lane with PVA glue and paint a finish line with some white paint between the poles... And there we are... I only need to make a banner with finish on it for between the poles, but it's late and I have to get up early so that can wait another day.
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