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    I was surprised how many questions I got concerning the base on my Purifier to the Hybrid game, since it’s actually nothing spectacular or advanced. But if there is an interest, I see no reason why I shouldn’t write a little something about how I did it. It’s really easy.

    The modelling material I used is called CERNIT and is much softer than green stuff, which makes it difficult to sculpt figures, but is excellent when making scenery and bases.

    First of all measure out the top of the base. In this case the base (Rackhams) is about 2.0 x 2.0cm.

    We cannot sculpt directly on the base because it has to be baked in the oven, and we don’t want to melt the base. You can therefore draw a square of 2x2cm on normal piece of paper as a frame to work within.


    Now take a piece of modelling stuff and warm it up a bit by rolling it in your palm. It gets softer and easier to work with if it’s warm.

    Squeeze it until it looks like a squig has been run over by truck. Try to make it as thin as possible in the edges.

    In my opinion, the number one spoiler when sculpting is a fingerprint. You can erase these horrible patterns by stroking with your finger. If this doesn’t work you can always use something with a smooth surface like a CD, plastic card, or whatever, to press with. Cut of the edges with a sharp knife so you got a nice square. There is no need for surgical precision at this point, once you start sculpting the sharp edges tend to deform anyway.

    If you have real sculpting tools that’s great. But I don’t so I use a simple pin, which in this case works just fine.

    Making a stone floor is easy, just decide what size the stones should be in and press the pin down. It might not turn out the way you want the first time but you can always start over. It can be a bit tricky not to mess up when working in the middle of the base when using just a pin, because you have to work with an almost horizontal angle. Then it can be a good idea to use a screwdriver or something similar that enables you to work vertical.

    Now it’s time to add some detail. Cracks and scratches can be done using the pin.

    The surface is too smooth to look like stone and it can be difficult to paint if you want to drybrush it. To make some texture pick up a nice little rock, make sure it’s really rough. Press the rock gently and roll it around a bit. This will help getting a more natural surface. Of course if you want the base to belong in a nice fancy castle with polished floors, you can skip this part.


    The Hybrid game takes part in underground laboratories. It can therefore be appropriate to add some metallic parts. To make a simple metal plate, flatten some modelling material and cut out a piece. Place it on the base. To easily make rivets you can use the tip of a pen as shown in the picture.

    When you feel satisfied with your base it’s time to bake it. Follow the instructions on the package.
    (“Bake in preheated oven at 100-130°C / 215-270°F from 5-30 minutes depending on model size”)

    When done glue it on the base. That wasn’t too hard was it?

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      BadBrainz -
      Fantastic! Looks like a ton of fun!!
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