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    EDIT-2012 Hard to imagine that I have not been back to check in on this but years have went by.

    My old lessons are in fact now on the following site- I encourage everyone to check out the articles there:


    Starting Monday, July 12, I began teaching a sculpting course to some local students. The four-week course is the test run for a formal course I will be teaching at a local Arts Outreach College later this fall.

    The course will help the students through the creation of 3 different figures, of 3 different types, chosen by the students. As I anticipate that many of the students will want to do more traditional ornaments (and will never have played a miniature game), the course will cover small-figure sculpting in general.

    I think this is an excellent opportunity to teach this aspect of the hobby to the public at large. Sadly, many interested people do not live anywhere close to me, so I have decided to post my illustrated Lesson Plans after each session.
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      Stripwalker -
      Hey there- the MSN sites closed long ago and my lessons are now hosted by:

      Jay Miller
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