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  • Paint stripping plastics

    I have discovered a gr8 and quick way to paint strip plastic models without damaging the plastics.

    what you need:
    model of choice
    foaming oven cleaner( mr muscle here in the uk)
    a box
    plastic bag
    hots soapy water
    scrubing brush

    now, what you do is spray the entire model with loads of oven cleaner, until u can only see foam. Then place it in the plastic bag and seal/tie the bag. Put the bag in the box, and leave overnight(say at least 16 hours).

    Once the 16 hours is up, take the model out, and wash it in hot soapy water, with a scrubbing brush, and the paint jus seems to have liquidised. Youy may have to do this once or twice depending on how long u leave the model to soak. This is a better method than brake fluid, as it is quicker, and prob cheaper. Give it a try. It works.
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