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  • Painting a Simple Star Field

    A Simple Star Field (Spatter Painting)

    This article will deal with painting a simple star field. It is quick, easy, and looks great.


    Old toothbrushes
    Paint: Black, White, Red, Purple, Yellow, and others of individual taste

    Step 1:

    Paint the cape, amour, etc. to a finished state.

    Step 2:

    Dip the toothbrush bristles into the desired color.

    NOTE: Flip the bristles at a piece of dark paper to get the desired spatter pattern. If you go straight to the miniature, you will be sorry, as you will have many dots to close together.

    Step 3:

    Flip the bristles at the desired target. You will be surprised at how well you can control the paint.


    · I usually use two colors. White generally makes up the main star field. I then will often lightly drop in a red or other color/s. to a lesser degree to get a varied effect. Make sure that you use a different toothbrush or you will end up with pink or other variations.

    · Make sure your toothbrushes are dry to start with or you will achieve an unhappy result.

    · Practice on dark paper first!

    · Beware of overshooting the intended area. You can get tiny dots of paint everywhere. (Including your wife’s kitchen table.) If you are not careful, parts of the miniature that you do not want to hit will be. Do parts separate if possible. If this is not possible use extreme care or tape off areas or hold paper over them.

    · Don’t over do it. Know when to stop.


    It is possible to paint a nebula, dust cloud, or night sky and add the stars to it. Nebulas require careful blending. The star field should be added after these are painted. However, a light wash can be done to certain areas to make the stars look as though they are showing through a haze. The star field needs to be dry before the wash is done.

    It is also possible to add bigger stars, moons, symbols, planets, or decals to an area, but do it after you have done the star field.

    I hope this is helpful to some people. I will try to add pictures at a future date.
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      more than 6 years gone - and no pictures!
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