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  • How to make nice snow bases

    Equipment needed

    - PVA Glue. (wood glue)
    - Bicarbonate of soda.
    - An empty plastic cup.
    - A mixing container. (We use the tops off undercoat sprays)
    - A mixing stick. (We use the wrong end of a brush, easier to clean off after)
    - The base or whatever you are using it on.

    This tutorial is showing the way we make snow bases. We have made this tutorial as everyone is asking me how we do it.

    1. To start with, mix some bicarbonate and PVA in your mixing container until you get a thick gritty paste (you may need to add some water after to keep it a bit moist)

    2. Once you have the gritty paste sorted you are now up to the fun part. Using the mixing stick, apply the paste to the base (or whatever you want to put it on) and try to be random with it.

    3. Once applied to the area, take the base and using the empty cup sprinkle bicarbonate over all of the area where you have applied the paste (so that the cup catches the excess bicarbonate). You will end up with something like this.

    4. Now leave it to dry overnight and then you are ready to paint the side of the base (whatever colour you like) and then spray it with your favourite sealer (purity seal satin is the best we have found for it) and you are done!!

    Here is a finished model of ours.

    Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions then please contact us at

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      Planetbod -
      Here is my take on the idea, with added sparkle!
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