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    Don't know if you will find this useful but I have tested it and it seems to work fine.

    Do you have old cd's laying around from failed copies or old data backup cd's not needed, why not use them ?

    Ok, first of all use cd's with hard coating on label side

    Spray both sides of the cd with cellulose primer spray paint(it don't melt the plastic)

    As the paint dries it cracks but stays on cd, recoat with as many layers as you like.

    The final coat should be the finish you require, black is good for marble effect.

    Once the last coat has been put on paint the cracks with darker colour or incase of marble effect use a lighter colour. On this pic I washed it with a light green, waited for it to dry and then washed it with black. I then picked out the cracks and paint them with a light green again.I don't have any further pics but what you would do next is black wash it and then add layers of varnish with black washes inbetween them

    This can now be used to place a large figure on by drilling from bottom of cd into its feet or adding scenery.

    This provides a large base which is quite sturdy but yet can be cut quite easily if you want a different shape, I bet you could even layer the cds to make it look like broken slabs etc

    To make a scenaery base, paint cd with primer, then black and add scenery to it as follows :
    Here i've glues flat pieces of polystyrene to cd then roughes the edges with grit.

    Then paint the polystyrene what ever colour you want but here I painted it brown

    And for final touches i've added flock, stones and more grit to make it look better

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