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  • pegasus knight waterfall base step by step

    first step was finding 2 sutable garden stones to form the bulk of the waterfall and glue together, the rest of the pools & waterfall was sculpted from milliput and left to harden, entwing roots were sculpted from the trunk over the rocks and 2 fungi sculpted to the trunk in green stuff, once dry gravel & sand was added

    i painted the rocks from a black undercoat to shadow grey, codex grey, fortress grey, fortress/white mix and a final highlight of white, camo green was lightly dry brushed on the rock face behind the waterfall and some on the bank

    the tree trunk was painted from scorched brown highlighted with bestial brown and subsequent highlights of bestial/bleached bone, the fungus was painted snakebite leather, bubonic brown, bubonic/bleached bone mix

    where the water was to fom i painted in differant shades of blue with a dappled white effect where the waterfall would land, this would give it a frothy apperance once the water was dried,the waterfall was made using modelling water which is highly bonded and when dry becomes see through, 2 strips were left to dry overnight on plastic, once dried glued into place as the main waterfall, the pools were then filled in with the water and the base had several coats building up the splash effect.

    once all the water was dried i made 3 arum lily's from green stuff painted and glued to the waters edge on the base, a few small tufts of biege grass finished it the base off,

    hope you enjoyed the article and any tips or constructive comments always welcome

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