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    I was trying to do bulletholes on my new ultramarines captain, but then I discovered how hard it was to make them with a razor-blade, pin-vice, and a palette knife. So I asked myself, " how can I make this a lot easier?" Here's how.

    What you need:
    a figure
    a holding device
    a full-metal pin.

    Mark the areas that are being shot at in pencil, dark enough so you can see it. Turn on your stove burner (fire safety here) and stick the pin directly into the flame, wth your holding device. Make sure the holding device is fire-resistant, like a metal object. Wait until the pin is the desired temperature, and stab the pencil points on your character, and drive in the desired depth of the hole. The hole will be the size of a bullet to scale, and will have a lump of melted plastic around it, looking like a real bullethole. Depending on how many you want, reheat as necessary.

    And please, don't burn your house down.
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