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  • Stripping metal models easily

    Ok so i havnt seen any paint stripping articles on here for metal and ive seen many people asking about it on forums, i have experimented with three different types of 'cleaner' to see what our results would be like. the only articles i have seen on the internet have been american and use american products which are very hard to get hold of.

    there are a lot of different articles out on the web talking about brake fluid, and although i havnt used it myself i do know people who have had some problems with older models becoming corroded slightly when using it.

    i used 'Klear', 'Oven mate' and acetone 2-propanone (nail varnish remover) they all worked to a degree but i expect that klear only worked because i was using a toothbrush.

    Ill start with Klear as it appeared to do nothing, only used it because in the ingredients list it was 5% phosphate (a water softener) which i thought may soften the paint. Klear is a clear floor cleaner, very thin like water, a weak disinfectant. i was able to pick some up in the local hardware shop for just under £4 but there were no health warnings whatsoever (not even keep away from children)

    Placed just enough so that it covered all the metal of the mini and left for 36 hours checking every 3 hours for a change, nothing happened in any stages, seemed more like water than anything else, after scrubbing i managed to clean up the mini a little, never took off ay part of the undercoat and wouldnt take off in deep cracks and details.

    in conclusion it seems to have worked a little, softening down the original paint enough to scrub off with an old toothbrush.

    Oven mate is an industrial oven cleaning product used for cleaning ovens (you dont say) it has hondreds of warnings over the label of the bottle such as 'highly corrosive to biological material' 'fumes can be toxic' 'only use in a very well ventilated area. So on went the gloves and fume mask (one lying around as we use a lot of paint thinners etc). extremely thick and difficult to get onto the mini, i just used a old paintbrush to paint it onto the whole of the mini, leaving it inside a small metal cap filled with it.i left for 36 hours overall but started to see changes after about 4 hours, all the mixture started turning to a darker blacker colour, pulled out the mini to look at it but there was hardly anything left, all detail was gone, it had destroyed the mini and i abandoned using it. i guess i should have expected that not only being corrosive to biological materials that it would also destroy the nickel/tin/pewter mini. good job it was just a spore mine hey.

    onto acetone 2-propanone, (molecular formula C3H6O, if anyone wants to make there own) in my opinion the best paint remover that you can buy, costs around £2 per bottle but for anything larger than a single unit you will need more, girlfriends can be a good source but otherwise chemists are a good place. warnings on the bottle saying danger fumes can cause drowsiness and illness, another saying corrosive material so its serious stuff, and of corse being a 16 year old know it all i decided that i didnt need the face mask or gloves. Hah how my brother laughed as he watched, if you guys use this, and i really recommend that you do, wear gloves and some kind of serious breathing protection. when coming into contact with the skin a chemical reaction which burns the skin. the fumes also smell real bad and cause headaches and dizziness. but its worth it (trust me) because the restults are perfect, after only 3-4 minutes the paint was flaking off into the solution, i left until 10 minutes had passed and then took them out, only paint was left in deep recesses. all it needed was a toothbrush and they were clean, looked like they had just come out of a blister pack.

    so to cut a long story short Get acetone, it will make metallic stripping a lot easier. thanks for reading and i hope that i have helped some people.

    Note: do not use any of these on plastic!! they will ALL destroy them completely, it does look cool if you want to create bio acid damage on the side of tanks though if you flick acetone onto the damage area.
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