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  • Alternative Priming for Metal Models

    Grey and Black priming.

    Priming, if you are not using spray paint (Which has the great advantage of sticking to metal like it was fighting for its life) But if you don't feel like spending 8€ on a spray can (just like me), priming can be a somewhat unpleasant step of painting a mini.

    Let's face it, GW colors don't like pewter that much. But that's something that can be solved in several ways, and each painter will generally get their own solution that fits him/her the best.


    There are several disadvantages of regular priming that just annoy me a lot:

    With white priming, colors come out a bit too gaudy, and if you accidentally leave a recess unpainted, it'll show it's clean, pure white inside :P

    With black priming, colors come out nicely, but white is just a pain to paint. Plus if the mini has more than a certain level of detail, you won't see anything - just little black blobs and spikes.

    This is why I decided to prime using a base of gray (fortress gray is my choice) and a black wash. I apply two or three gray layers, with very little water, but spreading it thoroughly on the mini, you should stop doing this when the metallic shine doesn't show anymore. Then let it dry and apply a black wash.

    Advantages? You can see every little detail clearly, almost doesn't alter colors, and if you have to play with the mini unpainted you actually see what it is (plus doesn't look as stupid as just plainly black or white primed).

    So go and do as I say! I command!

    (joking :P)

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    1. mckeansa's Avatar
      mckeansa -
      These days the krylon spray primer is less than a third the price of a can of GW primer and seems a finer grain. I would head that direction. It comes in white, gray, black, and brown.
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