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  • Creating Blood Splatters

    I found a way to create blood splatter effects using an empty Vallejo paint bottle. For this demostartion, I used GW's inks. One word of warning before you begin, clear your work area of part painted/finish models. Reason is it might get messy if you were to accidentally splash some inks all over when you shut the covers of those ink bottles. Wash, clean & dry your empty bottle. Prepapre a mix of the inks or whatever medium you are using to create the effect. Then squeeze the bottle and suck up some of those inks you have mixed. After that, you can start testing out the colour and intensity of the splatter you wanna acheive. You can actually blow the inks around using the bottle. Below you can see 2 different effects I created on the base and the final model itself. Have fun!
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    1. commsbyte's Avatar
      commsbyte -
      Brilliant idea and result
    1. Grudge_Pony's Avatar
      Grudge_Pony -
      I can't wait to try this out! Thank you!
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