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    Introduction: This is going to be my very first article in this comunity. what I want to do is to tell you something about my latest project and maybe giving some of you a bit of inspiration with it. The project:I love the space wolves, but I also do like the imperial guard with its' huge variety of weapons and vehicles as well. and because of the fact that my wolves are on a mission on a imperial planet for about 30 years now, the local forces took over some of the space wolves rites and designs. they even let them get part of their own culture.-so from now on I do no longer have any problems with integrating non space-marine-vehicles in my current army. of course I had many other ideas new vehicle-creations as well, but in the end I decided to build a walker, which should fit in a kind of wolvish scheme.Article-structure:first of all I want this article to privide you as many wip-steps as possible. Therefore I will also link pictures of stati in it I undid some steps later, just for giving you an idea of all of the possible directions the project could have gone so far ... most of the pictures I will leave uncommented for the very first time. of course I will add information to it and give answers to any of your questions wich might occour later on.but now lets start .... :first I started cutting enough space out of a land-speeder cockpit to provide a third seat for the commander. then I started putting parts together, just to get an idea of what is possible .... aferwards I noticed that the commander would not have any chance to get to his seat from inside the titan. ... therefore I needed to create some kind of space in between the other two crew-members ...  I decided to use the parts from the defiler kit for the legs and rearanged them a little bit. for defending himself I also added a door-gunner for the back I took the landraider exhausts this is my very first brainstorm of how a foot could be build ... :-) of course I also had to increase the main-weapons' size. so I simply gave them long barrels. the dark part on top is the back of a 1/35 leopard2 tank and here's the second door-gunner. I made him leaning with his knee on the rail which also supports his heavy bolter. now I started adding some equipment to the cockpit. I started with tft-touch-screens ... ;-) after that the head was about to get his wolvish style by getting some teeth and a wolf-skull-like design. I kept the bolters movable by using lego/legs as mechanical connection. I didn't like its' old hipp-design. so I had no choice than to change it. once again I used the lk's from an LandRaider and combined them with parts from the defilers' legs. on this picture you can see the latest foot-design. the metal-looking parts are the bolters from a hurrican-bolter-system taken from the LR-crusader.  I added some armor and details and the leg was almost finished. now the front of the leg-mounting had to be done ... .  I wanted the titan to provide transport-capacity for 10 humans. but because of its' height  had no other chance to get the crew to ground, than attaching a kind of elevator-mechanism to it, which at least brings them down half the way.. of course this thing is not finished yet, but I hope you enjoyed this article allthough. as soon as i've continued working on it I'll update this article and if everything works fine I hope to finish it within the next weeks.---------(please excuse my bad english, but I think almost everything should at least be comprehensible.) comments are highly appreciated :-)
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