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  • Shadow of the past

    Shadow of the past
    November 2005
    Company : Games Workshop
    Scale : 25 mm

    An idea, and couple of electrical wires later …. It’s in the box !
    This Diorama in a Box is the third I do on the same theme, meaning Bilbo in his cozy hobbit hole. What’s that ? I’m a monomaniac ?? Me ? I don’t renew my ideas? Well maybe, even though I do try different ways of treating the theme, as is the case here where the artificial lighting takes place in a box that imposes a particular structure. Now What’s going to be the first thing to break on this mini?

    Pictures explain it better then a text would, even more so if we consider the fact that few of you will take on a similar project, so for once I won’t take the time to expend fully on the making off. I’ll redirect you towards the magazine Figurine, where Richard Poisson wrote an great article on his Diorama in a box in the September 2005 Issue.

    Photo 0-1 :
    Some good documentation based on the art books of the movies is unavoidable.

    Photo 2-3:
    To obtain a greater perspective, the walls aren’t parallel, they are done in cardboard, large holes are in prevision for the doors and the windows.

    Photo 4:
    A red LED lights the fire from below.
    The walls in cardboard are textured with a brush and a past used to fill holes in walls. The drawer is incrusted in the wall to gain space and to obtain a better finish.

    Photo 5:
    One of the big challenge was to recreate the feel of a typical round house from hobbit burg out of a cubic structure. A combination of beams and curbs recreated the feel of a round structure.

    Photo 6:
    The traditional round door is done in Duro, and the filigrees with small rolls of Milliput.

    Photo 7:
    .You didn’t think I was going to be crazy enough to paint the parts that are invisible to the viewer! It’s one of the advantages of doing a diorama in a Box ! And, added bonus, it leaves me room for the electrical setting.

    Photo 8:
    The engraving of the tiles narrows as they get farther from the front of the diorama to obtain a better perspective and depth to the scene. I didn’t do them rectangular to make my work easier. I also didn’t want that modern feel you get in any kitchen store.

    Photo 10-11-12:
    .The filigrees on the walls are sculpted out of small balsa planks or out of unusual toothpicks or come from doll house decoration readjusted to fit my desires.

    Photo 13:

    To keep on adding some perspective the ceiling isn’t parallel to the floor, but is lower at the back of the room.

    Photo 14:
    The table at the front of the scene is much bigger then the one at the back, same goes for the mural decoration that get smaller as they get closer to the back.
    The colors are pretty natural, with bases of brown and yellow ocre while keeping a warm tonality, especially thanks to the lighting that is given a yellow tint by the transparent ceiling, which gives off this warm feel noticeable in hobbit interiors. This contrasts with the white exterior light , with green scenery, a color that is absent from the interior.

    Photo 15
    The ceiling is made out of transparent paper painted so that the light coming from the light bulb located above might filter through

    Photo 16-17
    the Drawers, the tables, and some other details are from my bits box. A lot of details are sculpted ( Chest, smoking pipe, Bookl, table, Desk, bed, Clock,….)

    Photo 18:
    All the random elements, spread out everywhere are used to hide the imperfection of the scenery and the electrical system.

    Photo fin
    The diorama is best looked at at night, with a good ambiance musique, the photos don’t do justice to the interior of the box, but this was done on purpose, I really wan’t this piece to be discovered by people who see it first hand. The interesting side of such a project is that it can only be appreciated first hand….,
    I hope that you will get the occasion…

    Some random explanations:
    The micro bulbs that are used for the candles come from a doll house.
    The box was done by my favorite wood specialist.
    The scenery visible through the window are pictures and illustrations printed at the right size.
    The chimney is done with plastic cards and the sculpted to get the roughness of coal, and then painted.
    And though the hallway on the right, a half opened door gives you a glimpse of a cozy room with a pajama carelessly thrown on the floor. The light in this room is voluntarily red.

    Article by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul, Translation by Arthur Muguet ( Frenchkid )

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    1. Mike the bike's Avatar
      Mike the bike -
      Awsome! Absolutely excellent piece of work.
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