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  • Painting woodgrain on a smooth surface

    Couldn't find any articles about this, so I thought I'd do one
    It's a good idea to have some reference material handy, either some good pics or an actual piece of timber. An old but excellent reference book is the Wood Workers Manual by Alert Jackson and David Day, published by Collins, ISBN: 0-00-411565-1Right onto the painting....
    1. Base Color
    First of all you need to decide what wood you want to depict, pine, mahogany, oak, etc. I'm doing this on John Waynes rifle butt, so I had some ref. shots of that. It's quite dark so I basecoated with VMC 822 black brown. Diluted 1:1
    2. Applying the Grain
    For the grain I chose VMC 877 Golden brown. I diluted it 4:1 so it would flow off the brush nicely. At this stage you only need to rough in the grain, you should see some definition by about the 4-5 coat. Keep applying until you are happy. I'm using a Kaple #3/0 brush for this part[pagebreak]
    3. Alterations
    This is the time to make any changes, add knotts and define the pattern. I've switched to a Pro-art Connoissuer #0 for this part. The bristle are longer, almost like a liner brush, I always use it for painting thin lines.
    Go back to your base color and raise the dilution to about 2:1. Now go back over the dark areas you want to keep, and any light areas you want to change. Now you do have to be a bit neater here. You will probably need about 2-3 applications depending on your color choice.
    4. Highlight
    Next I highlighted with VMC 913 Yellow Ochre, diluted 3:1[pagebreak]
    5. Some depth
    Now we start to give it some depth by applying a glaze. I used VMC 828 Woodgrain Glaze, diluted. 2:1
    You can stop here if you like, went on a bit further with a second highlight[pagebreak]I then applied another glaze[pagebreak]finishing off with a coat of gloss varnish
    that's it basically, there's a little bit of shine from the gloss, but you will see more depth to it IRL when you do it yourself. Don't forget the whole mini will be dullcoated when it's finished, so that full gloss will dull down somewhat Hope this useful to someonecopyright Paragon Miniatures 2006
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