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    Hi People, heres my guide to easy joint pinning, hope you find it helpfulOne of the things I ALWAYS do is pin joints when dealing with resin or metal, as these materials just don't bond like styrene plastic does. If you miss this step, you paint a beautiful model, a slight knock later and the arm falls off. Not good!I'm sure all you hobbyists have seen and used the GW technique where put red paint on a short pin and push the parts together to mark the other side, yes??Anyway I always found this to be time consuming and not always very accurate, so over time I developed my own way of marking joins to be pinned.I've detailed it below, it's quick & easy so I hope it'll hepl someone Have fun trying this outJester
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    1. sippog's Avatar
      sippog -
      Good tip - you can also do it the other way around, using the pinhole to indent the putty.
    1. Adriano Paoletti's Avatar
      Adriano Paoletti -
      very good, compliment
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