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     Since I started a Nurgle chaos army a little while back, I have come up with many ways of creating little Nurglesque details. One way I’ve found very effective is the ‘ol super glue, white glue trick for making gross-looking slime (hee hee that was a Homeric Epithet). The tools and materials you will need:1) Super glue. Any kind is fine, I'm using GW glue. 2) Wood glue. Many people have probably done this technique with white glue but I find that wood glue works better.3) The thing that you will produce the effect on be it creature or vehicle. I'm using a normal base as a demonstration. (I suppose you could use the technique to make a base too...)4) A toothpick.
    First, squeeze a drop of wood glue on the base.
    Then spread the wood glue around with a toothpick.After you have spread the wood glue evenly across the base, pour some super glue on top (not to much!) In less than a minute it should look something like this:After it has dried sufficiently, prime it with, I suggest, black primer and paint it. Here is the finished product:I painted it with a mixture of Tamiya, Games Workshop, and Games Workshop foundation paints.Here is an example of where I used this technique somewhere else. On a land raider:I hope you will be able to use this article! Thanks for reading it.  
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