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  • Recycle! Making easy crystals from sprues

    EASY-CRYSTALSDo you ever just throw away your old sprues...?if so; SHAME ON YOU!Sprue can be a very handy in making all sorts of bits and pieces.The majority of mine is chopped into thousands of small pieces to use as rubble in scenery, but if you find an interesting shape, or, an interesting colour, then keep it!In this tutorial I will be dealing with the transparent green sprue included with GW Necrons.

    At this point I should give credit to "Snapple" who had already submitted a near-identical
    (but better lol) tutorial, which can be found here:

    I decided to try using some of the sprue to create some simple crystal shapes, which could be ANYTHING in Sci-fi (Kryptonite etc) or perhaps Warp stone in fantasy.I First snipped off a few lengths at random, giving me three short pieces.I angled the snips so that the bases of the "cystals" would glue to their base at that angle although you could have them standing vertically if you wanted. (I also filed the areas where I can cut them flat)I then got a sharp knife with a and angled each of the lengths downwards, and gradually shaved off slivers at different angles to produce a point.Once all three crystals had been shaved in this manner I gave them each a quick file and then simply glued them to a base.My example is shown below, although with enough sprues you could create an entire crystalline field of "Difficult terrain" or something!And, of course, although the necron sprues are transparent, not all crystals are, so you could also use normal opaque sprue and paint it however you wanted.

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