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  • Making a Simple light box

    In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to make a simple light box.  It's not much but it will help the novice take better pictures. I have given one of these to a really good friend who was taking pictures on his kitchen table with no backgrounds at all and his scores climbed about a full point (it helped that the minis he photo'd were his best ones too. )So let's get started;




    That's it. 
    This, of course, is not meant for anyone who's really into photography.  But it should help those of us who just want to get a picture that shows our work and not some random background stuff.  Have fun!
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    1. BloodredPS's Avatar
      BloodredPS -
      where can i buy this kind of stretcher bars?... im from spain and here doesnt exist anything like this xD.

      thx for lesson, and sorry for my english.
    1. Kalpurgis's Avatar
      Kalpurgis -
      Good idea! Thanks for help us!
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