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  • Simple rust tutorial

    Hey all thought i'd do a simple rust tutorial that i just did on the inderneath of my trukk
    You will need the following

    Tin bitz
    Boltgun metal
    Vermin brown
    An old brush for stippling
    Step 1
    Basecoat the area's you want metal with tin bitz

    Step 2
    Drybrush said areas with boltgun metal

    Step 3
    This is where that old brush comes in handy*warning DO NOT use your best brush for this part* you need to get your vermin brown and dip your old brush in now on some toilet/kithen roll stiple your brush till hardly any paint comes off onto the towelling.Then stiple all the metal areas with it so that tehy get a coating of the brown

    you will need for this bit
    Old brush for stippling
    Fine detail brush
    Orange paint
    Ogryn flesh
    Step 4
    Get some orange paint in my case i mixed up yellow and red and dip your brush in and stipple it onto soe towleing and go over the whole metal area again but really lightly

    Step 5
    Now you need your detail brush and ogryn flesh load your brush with the wash and go over the riviets any panels
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