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  • Bone-colored Cryx bonejack, step by step


    I just bought my first Warmachine models some weeks ago. I decided to paint my Cryx jacks with an alternative theme, because I don't like the 'offical' theme very much. I chose bone as my main colour and some corroded bronze and rusted metal to other parts. I painted first one deathripper, and I was pretty pleased on the result. When I was starting to paint the second one, my brother asked me to make a step by step on it. I took many photos to make the tutorial easy to follow.
    Result can be seen here.

    I assume you can do blending. If you don't, look at the CMoN articles page, there's lot of blending tutorials. I also assume you have basic knowledge about NMM(non-metallic metals).

    I suppose you to use wet pallette, because you have to mix paints much.

    Here's how I made it.


    Before painting or assembling, I removed the mould lines and washed the parts. Then I assembled it. The base were made of cork. It wasn't really hard, I just cut some parts of a cork board and cracked them with my fingers and glued them on the base with super glue. Finally I primed it with grey spray.


    Painting the bone parts:

    I started the painting with the bone colour. I mixed about 60:40 of Vallejo Earth and Skull white. Then I watered it down and painted the bone parts with two thin coats of it.

    After I had done that, I took Citadel Devlan mud, and outlined the bone parts with it.

    Next I hilighted the bone colour. I mixed a little Skull white to the bone mix and painted the main areas it, leaving only the parts facing down. Then I mixed a little more white to the mix, and hilighted it again, painting only the parts facing side or up. I repeated the progress about six times, and finally hilighted only the parts facing up. You have to remember to thin the paints much.

    I painted the rust next. First I added some thinned Vallejo Dark fleshtone to the rusty areas, and around the rivets. Then I mixed about 50:50 of Dark fleshtone and orange. I thinned the mix very much and added it only to the rustiest areas.

    Next I made some scratches. I mixed 50:50 Dark flestone and black, and carefully painted little scratches on the plates. I painted centers of these scratches with dark flesh. After that I highlighted the bottoms of the scratches with 80:20 mix of white and Vallejo Earth.


    Painting the bronze parts:

    First, I mixed a bronze color. I mixed about 50:30:20 of Dark fleshtone, orange and red. Experiment with the ratio until you find right colour.

    I lightly washed the bronze parts with Citadel Devlan mud.

    Next I mixed 60:40 of black and Earth, and painted lines between the parts in shadow and light.

    After that I feathered downwards from the lines with the same mix.

    Next I hilighted the bronze. I added a little Vallejo Dwarf skin to the bronze mix and painted the light areas with it. Then I added more Dwarf skin and painted the next layer. I repeated the progress several times, adding more Dwarf skin each time.

    Next I started adding white to the mix and hilighted until the mix was about 50:50 white and Dwarf skin.

    Then I made a mix of Citadel Dark angels green and Vallejo Ultramarine blue. I lightly washed the darker areas with it.

    Then I made 40:40:20 mix of Dark angels green, Ultramarine blue and white. I lightly washed the bronze areas with it.


    Painting the metal parts:

    I started painting the metals with 50:50 mix of Citadel Codex grey and black.

    Next I painted the lightest areas(facing up) with Codex grey.

    After that I highlighted the lightest areas by adding white to Codex grey, doing the final highlight with about 80:20 mix of them. Again, remember to thin the paint! I also added a little codex grey to the areas opposing the lightest area.

    Next I added some watered down Dark flestone to the rusty areas, and around the rivets.

    Then I added 50:50 mix of dark fleshtone and orange to the rustiest areas.

    After that I added very thin wash of Vallejo brown ink to the rusty areas, and washed the metal parts with very thin wash of Citadel Badab black.

    The head:

    I painted the head with same technique as the bone parts, I only used more white.

    I painted the slots between the metal parts with 50:50 mix of Dark angels green and Vallejo Scorpy green, then I added thinner vertical lines of Vallejo scorpy green.


    The base:

    First I painted the whole base with watered down black.

    Then I heavily drybrushed the rocks with 50:50 mix of Codex grey and black.

    Next I drybrushed the rocks with Codex grey.

    Then I highlighted the rocks very lightly with 50:50 of Earth and white.

    I painted the lava areas with Dark fleshtone, and heavily drybrushed the bottoms of the rocks with it.

    Next I added Vallejo Bloody red to the Dark fleshtone and painted the lava areas away from the rocks with it. I added more Bloody red to each layer and added the final highlight with bloody red. Then I drybrushed the bottoms of the rocks with it.

    After that I added Vallejo Sun blast yellow to Bloody red and hilighted the lava. The final highlight was done with 30:70 mix of red and yellow. Then I very lightly drybrushed the bottoms of the rocks with it.

    Then I painted the sides if the base black.



    I varnished the mini with Citadel Matt varnish, and glued it into its base with super glue.

    The finished miniature:

    I hope you like the tutorial! Please add some comments. And sorry about my bad english.
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    1. Dethklaat's Avatar
      Dethklaat -
      This is Perfect!.. I was Just thinking about painting my Cryx army a bit different from the standard grey/black army, and was looking for a Bone scheme.. You, Sir, Have made my day.
    1. harchunk's Avatar
      harchunk -
      The mini is good but the base is awesome. I love looking at others paint jobs it opens up endless possibilities!!
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