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    Black Orc Games Announces Launch of Legionnaire Program!

    If you love to play games, meet new people and receive free products and discounts for playing, then Black Orc Games has the opportunity for you! Black Orc Games is launching the Legionnaire program for their Hundred Kingdoms miniature wargame. Legionnaires will be enthusiastic players who have a passion for playing Hundred Kingdoms and donate their time to demonstrating the game, running miniature painting sessions, and working at major conventions. For their contribution, Legionnaires will be rewarded with a unique benefit program that allows them to collect on free products and discounts almost immediately.

    Legionnaires will receive instant 20% discounts from any product available on the 100Kingdoms online store. Legionnaires will qualify for credit to be used in the online store for running game demonstrations, painting miniatures, or participating in major events or conventions. Legionnaires can earn anywhere from $20 to $100 for participating in events and running demonstrations. Unlike other programs out there, this credit is available for immediate use in the online store, or can be saved for a more expensive purchase later on. Legionnaires will also enjoy many other benefits for their participation such as t-shirts, free prizes to give away at demonstrations, and exclusive rights to upcoming products.

    Legionnaires will also have the opportunity to advance within the program as well. Centurions will be promoted from the ranks of Legionnaires that have gone the extra mile to further the Hundred Kingdoms game. Centurions will be responsible for a designated geographical area, and will be instrumental in helping to setup, organize, and run the participating Legionnaires for their region. Centurions will enjoy greater discounts and awards for their participation and involvement in developing the exciting world of Hundred Kingdoms.

    To participate in this exciting new program, potential Legionnaires are encouraged to become members of the Hundred Kingdoms community at There, aspiring Legionnaires can participate in the message boards and the exciting new live-chat system where everyone from the creators and staff of Black Orc Games to other players will be able to talk about their favorite armies and battles. Once familiar with the community, the Legionnaire Application form and additional information can be found on the website. Those interested in becoming a Legionnaire need only to mail, fax, or email their completed application to
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