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    Black Orc Games, a leading game manufacturer of fantasy miniatures is seeking an Illustrator/Designer to support our rapid growth.

    We are looking for a highly creative person to draw or ink fantasy illustrations to be used as concept sketches for miniature development, website illustrations, graphic novels, and a myriad of other applications. Our preferred style of drawing is the “Image ComicsEor other similar comic book art. This is an ideal job for a highly imaginative artist who would like to see their ideas shape the future products of our company.

    We will accept resumes and submissions from anyone with a background in drawing, art, graphic design, illustration, or as a cartoonist. Individuals with additional backgrounds in color comic book art, print layout, or miniature painting are especially welcome.

    As this position is so integral to our corporation, we will be spending an extra amount of time making our selection. Salary will be based off of experience and skill level.

    Please send resumes and samples to:

    Rick Jensen

    For additional information call:

    Rob McNamee at 877-BOG-SALE
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