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  • Headblast Designz launches

    Since wintertime is here, Headblast Designz (
    decided to have a little Winter Showcase.

    Everyone can take part and everything is allowed, as long
    it is new and both mini and winter related. The showcase
    ends March 20th and after that we will vote in the forums
    to find out who gets the honour of being the HD Winter King/Queen.
    The winner will recieve a cool miniature from Freebooter
    or Reaper
    . Since this isn't all about winning, we
    will also give away a couple of Freebooter figures to random

    We have set up a Winter
    Showcase Album
    where you can post your pics. After you
    have posted your pics, please go to
    the forums
    and post a little something about your entry
    there so we can all learn from it (it is important that
    you post your entry in the forum. If you don't, we won't
    be able to contact you, if you are the lucky winner!).

    Have fun, and good luck!
    your Headblast Team
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