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    Chris Clark
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    Magnificent Egos Begins Production
    Allen, TX, February 4th, 2004- Magnificent Egos, a new fantasy miniature company based out of Allen, Texas, begins production on their first wave of limited edition “Heroic Scale” miniatures. The company’s first two lines will be available this March. The website ( is open, displaying artwork and special announcements regarding contest and coming events. Miniatures will be available for pre-order beginning February 16th.
    “Our goal is to create personality driven miniatures of the highest quality for fantasy enthusiast that ignite the imagination.” stated company president and owner Chris Clark. The first line, Uncommon Character, features unique character types based on original concepts and artwork by recognized industry artist Jason Engle. The second line “Jason A. Engle Premier” is based on the popular poster art created by Jason and will be produced in SUPER LIMITED runs, each packaged with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Magnificent Ego’s new miniature lines combine highly-experienced miniature hobbyist with artists at the top of their field and some of the industry’s most innovative sculptors, including Tim Prow, Drew Williams, Jason Weibe, Gene van Horne, and Sandra Garrity.

    For additional information, email Chris Clark at

    Magnificent Ego’s is a producer of high quality miniatures for collectors, hobbyist, gamers and fantasy enthusiast.

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