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  • New GW Nurgle Demon Prince

    For the new City Fight codex. Full pic below.
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    1. Itchy's Avatar
      Itchy -
      Eh, the only thing bothering me is the face... it\'s way too cartoony for 4DK
    1. AinuLainour's Avatar
      AinuLainour -
      thats totally awesome.. it does look like typhus grew but kept the same armour lol
    1. richilincez's Avatar
      richilincez -
      Originally posted by Avelorn
      Looks like a conversion.
      Bu it IS a coversion i think, at least the arms are from the 40k demon prince and many other detail remind me of that mini. Don\'t you agree?
    1. Joshua's Avatar
      Joshua -
      i think if F*CKING ROCKS
      damn this is an awesome model
      yes, it does look like typhus but still its a great sculpt

      and the face is hilarious
    1. Albert Moreto Font's Avatar
      Albert Moreto Font -
      i really dont mind bout the sculpture (which i think is great) but the painting MUST have been done by seb, no doubt... the best painter all over UK.. Seb forever!!
    1. Tony Manero's Avatar
      Tony Manero -
      Originally posted by Albert Moretó Font
      i really dont mind bout the sculpture (which i think is great) but the painting MUST have been done by seb, no doubt... the best painter all over UK.. Seb forever!!
      his paint undermarks the fact he was once a human... i love to make a \"past\" for minis
    1. Brokenblade's Avatar
      Brokenblade -
      the swords great
      not only do u get slashed or stabbed, but flailed with rusty hooks too
    1. Evil Dave's Avatar
      Evil Dave -
      I absolutely hate it.
      Just too cartoony for a Deamon.
      It looks like something out of a manga cartoon.
    1. Spacemunkie's Avatar
      Spacemunkie -
      Nowt wrong with Manga and anime!

      I actually quite like it.
    1. forrix's Avatar
      forrix -
      love the paint job as i do all of seb\'s models.
      maybe the face is a bit cartoonish but i think the armour,sword (basicly all the rest of the model) makes up for that:P...also it needs to be on a bigger base:}
    1. Tony Manero's Avatar
      Tony Manero -
      bigger base for sure... ps i love the face... extremely ... insane...
    1. EricJ's Avatar
      EricJ -
      I like it except for the head, hopefully there will be head options. It\'s what pushes it too manga for me.

      While I do like a manga feel to things, I was never fond of the evil, tentically, deformed eye themes. Give this one a visored face with some goo dripping out from behind the mask and I\'d be happier
    1. Medved's Avatar
      Medved -
      when i saw this mini in the studio i thought that maybe it was just a conversion...i\'m glad if they are going to release it ! and it was on a 60mm base on the resin master version.

      oh for all the other awesome stuff i saw that i\'m not supposed to blab about..........mmmm
    1. bayrodney's Avatar
      bayrodney -
      Originally posted by Medved

      oh for all the other awesome stuff i saw that i\'m not supposed to blab about..........mmmm
      I\'ve heard of your Crazy Web agreement, they think you guys are the CIA :Plol
    1. LavronYor's Avatar
      LavronYor -
      I\'M THIEVUS, Typhus\'s brother.

      I stole my left arm from a Daemon Prince, this Knife used to belong to a Cygnar by the name of Stryker, and this chain came of some skinny guy named Velrys. My head belonged to some guy in Jabba\'s box at a pod race on Tatooine. I might have mad cow disease, but since I lost one of my horns, I\'m not sure.
    1. freakinacage's Avatar
      freakinacage -

      i agree with ericj\'s comments about the head.

      initially i thought it was just a conversion, but i\'m sure i saw it ina cityfight advert somewhere
    1. Blue Max's Avatar
      Blue Max -
      i\'m not realy shure.... first look it looks like a conversion.... but than it looks to perfect to be a conversion... it must be real metal to get such a perfect form.... realy nice work GW.... !!!
    1. tuzz's Avatar
      tuzz -
      finally a demon prince that does not have to come from forgeworld...the head problem....bah...easily fixed with some snips, green stuff and a different head...quit least it wont cost you an arm and a leg....
    1. QuietiManes's Avatar
      QuietiManes -
      I have to agree with all the haters out here. It totally doesnt look right. It\'s far too cartoony/manga. Not that there\'s anything wrong with cartoons/manga but this is 40k. And that model is not 40k. It\'s just random bits of other models with a lunatic with an eye on stalk face and a fat gut stuck on seemingly as an after thought. It doesnt look like it should be beside other 40k models.

      Is it nurgle? It should be nurgle with that gut and all but it doesnt look nurgle. I\'d like to see the model unpainted, it could all just be the paintjob.

      I really hope GW isnt going to start going all POKEMON/YUGIOH crazy for kids with their anime/manga themes all over every army. It works with Tau battlesuits, dont think it\'ll work elsewhere.
    1. Drake Farstrider's Avatar
      Drake Farstrider -
      I like it. It seems to make a step away from the old borring GW Demon\'s. I think the face is what really makes this mini for me.
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