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  • Miniature Exchange #7 is finally starting!

    So now we're officially announcing Miniature Exchange #7 and taking on everyone who wishes to join in on the fun. If this is your first time hearing about the exchange, follow the link below to find out what the heck it is. If this is not your first time, follow the link to sign up.
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    1. vincegamer's Avatar
      vincegamer -
      I guess I better get cracking and paint one of my ME6 pieces, but go ahead and sign me up for this one too.
    1. Sonnyslayer's Avatar
      Sonnyslayer -
      I got 8 minis from markustay last ME.. so.. i have to finish em all in a flash?
    1. Multifracture's Avatar
      Multifracture -
      Multifracture - United Kingdom - Ship anywhere

      Wanted to get in on this last time but had so much else on!!!! So this time i thought lets go for it!
    1. cookster's Avatar
      cookster -
      Cookster - USA - I guess i\'ll ship anywhere. Last time i said i wouldn\'t but ended up shipping to europe. So no biggie. I\'ll ship anywhere. Need to finish up the last 2 of 6 minis.
    1. No Such Agency's Avatar
      No Such Agency -
      I will sit this one out , seeing as I have not finished the last two (!!) yet
    1. Mosch's Avatar
      Mosch -
      Oooh, I want in again Patrick from Herne, Germany, I\'ll ship to wherever. Also, I will get my address correct this time

      Sonnyslayer: I only finished one mini for the exchange I was in, and I really think that\'s enough I got such a large box that I would stil be painting if I were to paint everything
    1. TAB Studio's Avatar
      TAB Studio -
      I will jump in again

      TAB Studio : US : anywhere
    1. cdukino's Avatar
      cdukino -
      I will skip this one. Maybe next time again.
    1. Frustrated Father's Avatar
      Frustrated Father -
      I don\'t have the time, I haven\'t managed to finish anything in ages, but .. sure, I\'m game again for the giggles of it.

      In the US and shipping anywhere isn\'t a problem.
    1. Spacemunkie's Avatar
      Spacemunkie -
      Go on! I\'ll have a bash at this again. I\'m in the UK and can post to anywhere you like
    1. Fayarin's Avatar
      Fayarin -
      Me! Me too!

      Fayarin - The Netherlands - Europe I guess, depends on shipping costs though. I will find that out asap.
    1. angus147258's Avatar
      angus147258 -
      You know I want to be in the trade!

      I\'m in Marin, California, USA.
    1. Naukhel's Avatar
      Naukhel -
      I\'m in, this time around. Skipped out of the last one, but I\'m back, and feeling generous!

      Naukhel - Toronto, Canada - Will ship anywhere.

    1. angus147258's Avatar
      angus147258 -
      Oh ya and I\'ll ship anywhere.
    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      OK I havent finished ME6 yet but Im in. I have and Ogre Character for someone. I will post anywhere.
    1. Cesar's Avatar
      Cesar -
      Yep, count me in as well.

      I\'m willing to ship anywhere.
      I am not sure about shipping costs, or how to figure the costs out either. ???
    1. Multifracture's Avatar
      Multifracture -
      Just a quick question for any and all so according to the list i\'m shipping to TAB is that right? and when can we start sending minis?

    1. angus147258's Avatar
      angus147258 -
      This isn\'t the final list.
      When the final is up, you will know who and when to ship.
    1. Multifracture's Avatar
      Multifracture -
      Oh right that\'s cool thanks
    1. YoungNastyPainter's Avatar
      YoungNastyPainter -
      This is the first time I\'ve got on the net in must be a month and heres this thread calling to me again!You can sign me up too im in Ireland and will ship anywhere. Better finish off my ME6s now!
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